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Please join me on photographic expedition to Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

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I invite you for my next photo trip to the cold regions of our beautiful world. Our goal will be Svalbard – the Norwegian archipelago located in the Arctic. Perhaps this is the last moment to see it as it has been for the last thousand years. Climate warming imposes a very strong mark on the Arctic A breathtaking landscape, glaciers, ice, soft light, polar bears, seals, walruses and other signs of life – all these will be seen during the trip.

This time the expedition is open – it can be attended by people I do not know.

There is a challenge – we will visit Svalbard on yacht.

Please find below information about the trip.

Nature of the trip: photographic expedition. We are focus on photography and this will determine the daily schedule. This can mean irregular meals. I am looking for people mad about photography and who want to take photographic challenges and motivate others.

Date: 2-16 September 2019. 14 days on the yacht. In addition, you need to add fly time to and from Longyearbyen in Svalbard. It is recommended that you arrive on August 31. We are returning to Longyearbyen on the 16th of September in the afternoon. Airplanes from Tromso in Norway fly to Longyearbyen.

The number of participants: 6 photographers, 2 crew members and a guide (who is also our zodiaca driver and guard on the shore – he has a weapon required by the local regulations).

The participant can only be an amateur photographer. The level of advancement in photography is not important.

The above number of photographers provides the greatest possible comfort considering the size of the yacht and the place of the trip. Commercial expeditions include much more participants. This undoubtedly influences the convenience of the trip.

The number of 6 photographers allows everyone to go ashore in one zodiac cruise.

Yacht: S / Y Sky Dancer , adapted for sailing in the Arctic waters, with the experienced crew and guide.

S / Y SkyDancer will accommodate 10 guests in very comfortable cabins, 3 double cabins with bunk beds and 1 four- passenger cabin in front. The yacht has two toilets and one shower. There are two large showrooms to use. Central heating keeps you warm, dry and comfortable on board. It also provides us with an unlimited amount of heated water. The yacht is equipped with all the s aids to navigation and safety equipment for navigation in waters with high latitude.

More about the yacht: http://www.skydancer.no/

Language: the language of the expedition is English. Participants should freely use this language. This is important due to the international team and crew.

Accommodation: in double cabins, bunk beds (as on yachts). A four – person cabin will most probably be used for photographic equipment. The possibilities of accommodation in Longyearbyen are limited, so you should immediately book accommodation in the town – for example with Booking.com.

Board: full, in price, the meals will be cooked by the yacht crew in the time agreed with us. In case of intolerance of any food, prior notification is required.

Costs: NOK 63,000 (Norwegian kronor) for one participant. This is approx. 6640 EUR.

The above amount includes 14 days on the yacht together with the accommodation, use of yacht equipment, full board, port fees, guide’s salary. The above amount does not include alcoholic beverages on the yacht, flights to and from Longyearbyen in Svalbard, accommodation in Longyearbyen before and after the beginning of the expedition .

Taking into account the price and number of days, the day cost is 475 EUR which is a sensational price for Svalbard. Commercial trips are about 855 EUR / day for a shorter trip and more participants and often additional fees.

Advance payments: confirmation of participation requires payment of EUR 1,000. The remaining part of the amount must be paid:

a / 2300 EUR until 30 November 2018;
b / 2340 EUR until 30 May 2019 .

Cancellation policy will apply.

The above dates result from the necessity to regulate a part of the amounts due to the yacht’s owner.

After settlement with the owner of the yacht, you may need to pay small surcharge due to exchange rate differences and bank charges. I accept payments in EURO only.

Payments only as wire transfers to my bank account.

Formal requirements: a short contract confirming the above conditions will be concluded with each participant.

Insurance: it is necessary to purchase your own medical insurance and evacuation (SAR). I recommend World of Nomads in the Explorer version (price approx . 80 EUR, https://pp.worldnomads.com/ ). It is also worth buying insurance against cancellation of travel (in Poland, I recommend AXA https://www.axa-assistance.pl/ubezpieczenie-turystyczne ).

Photographic equipment: I recommend taking at least two cameras and lenses from wide angle to telephoto with teleconverter. Many companies offer equipment rental – it is often a better option than buying a lens.

Pictures on the yacht will be made from the hand. On land, it will be possible to use your own tripod.

A drone will be used during the expedition.

It is also worth taking a laptop to upload photos and make backups, or lots of camera cards .

Lectures: I expects that each participant will share their photos from previous expeditions or places. I care about sharing our photographic experience. A laptop will be available.

Effort: from small to medium. We will spend a lot of time on the yacht. We will also land on shore and sometimes climb the surrounding hills. However, it will not be long-term or effort trekking. You can stay on the yacht as well. Please note that staying on yacht may result with seasickness, especially in the first days of your stay. Pharmacological support is recommended.

Photography conditions: sunrise approx. 4 o’clock in the morning, sunset approx. 22 o’clock in the evening, the maximum height of the sun is 16 degrees above the horizon (ie low, which provides good conditions). The sun, however, falls below the horizon, but leaves quite close, which provides a glow with warm colors. Sunsets and sunrises are long which ensures good, soft light. September is a light time on the island.

September also allows you to reach those places that are normally hard to reach in earlier months due to the icepack.

Please feel free to contact my by e-mail (scorpion25@wp.pl). We may set up a call or a Skype meeting.

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